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The Wowio/Platinum news is coming thick and fast, as founder William Lidwell has sent the following email to all Wowio publishers:

I am pleased to finally and officially announce that WOWIO has been acquired by Platinum Studios, Inc. The process took longer than any of us desired (you can make lawyers work hard, but not fast), but it is done and we are all excited to get back to the business of books.

Per Kristin Ellison’s previous email to you, an amendment to the existing Publisher’s Agreement will be required to assign your agreement over and enable full use of the new capabilities. It is short and simple, and provides you with a number of new options for monetizing and distributing your content.

Kristin will be contacting publishers of books. Mike Miller will be contacting publishers of comics. You should receive an email from them before Wednesday of next week with the amendment. If you do not, please contact us and let us know. Our goal is to launch the site as quickly as possible — as early as 7/23, and no later than 8/4. The faster we get your amendments back, the faster we can launch.

Lastly, with mergers and acquisitions, there are invariably personnel changes. To this end, I am sad to report that Mike Miller will be moving on from WOWIO to pursue a new digital venture — he has kindly agreed to stay on long enough to help with the amendments. Mike has been with us from the beginning and has done a tremendous job developing the comic book side of the business. I am grateful for his hard work and dedication to the WOWIO mission, and on behalf of the WOWIO team I want to publicly recognize and thank him for his efforts.

Thank you for your support and patience during this process. We will be in touch soon.


  1. “…an amendment to the existing Publisher’s Agreement will be required to assign your agreement over and enable full use of the new capabilities. It is short and simple, and provides you with a number of new options for monetizing and distributing your content.”

    I’m eager to find out what this is. With Platinum involved, it sounds ominous.

  2. The original contract has a specific way to deliver content and a specific way for publishers to get paid. Now, when WOWIO relaunches, there will be a variety of ways that people can get content and a variety of ways to get paid. As I understand it, that aspect is what required the change in contract.


  3. “and a variety of ways to get paid”

    Leftover copies of Cowboys & Aliens are NOT valid currency, Platinum.

    Since Wowio apparently pulled a Kitchen Sink/Tundra by basically being buying Platinum but calling Platinum the new owner, can we start calling the company Wowinum, or Platio?

  4. Ray,

    Thanks. I was afraid that we would not get enough input from the everything-sucks arm of the internet.


  5. Alan Coil says:

    Just think, if Platinum should go bankrupt, of how many Intellectual Properties will be tied up in bankruptcy court for years and years.

    That’s IF Platinum goes bankrupt.

    Ray Cornwall asks: “…can we start calling the company…Platio?

    Ray, you may be oh-so-close.

  6. I wouldn’t touch these guys with a ten foot pole. Wowio…sorry, Platio, is definitely now no longer a place creators should trust.

  7. DangerWillRobinson says:

    I wouldn’t TRUST them with a ten foot pole either.

  8. I find it curious that they want the contracts returned “as early as 7/23″, which by my calendar is when just about everycomic creator will be in full-on San Diego mode. I’d be surprised if anybody had the time to read the new addenda (much less provide due consideration) in the next ten days or so.

  9. Gary,

    It doesn’t take that long to read the 3 pages. (And this from a guy flying out on Monday.)


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