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Official word that Sylvain “STOMP THE YARD” White is set to make a RONIN movie:

Sylvain White, hot off the hit “Stomp the Yard,” has come aboard to develop with an eye to direct “Ronin,” a big-screen, live-action adaptation of the Miller miniseries.

Nunnari and his Hollywood Gang shingle have a script by Peter Aperlo, which White will polish before shopping the project around town.

Miller, the comic book auteur, has developed a Hollywood following, with such titles as “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” and “Sin City,” which Robert Rodriguez adapted into a 2005 film. Miller created “Ronin,” published by DC Comics, after his acclaimed run on the Marvel Comics series “Daredevil” in the early ’80s.

I have a bad feeling like this.

MEANWHILE, Stephen King and J.J. Abrams may be teaming to develop the DARK TOWER series for live action.

Abrams’ Bad Robot shingle has a first-look deal at Paramount for film projects and a deal with Warner Bros. Television for TV projects. The project is not yet set up at either company. On first glance, King’s tale — which sprawls across seven books as it blends the fantasy, sci-fi, horror and Western genres — might seem better suited for a multiple-episode television treatment. On the other hand, its potential cost might call for a large-scale cinematic treatment. Sources say a number of entities have been chasing “Tower” but that King is looking for strong filmmaker involvement, which is where Abrams enters the picture.


  1. The Dark Tower would be a huge undertaking if it came out in chunks of celluloid- probably more painstaking than LOTR to wait for each installement to come out – but I don’t think it would work as a TV series.

    I think it should some studio’s priority to get the much on and off delayed Talisman project back on the runway.

    Hey – constructive criticism from me for once.



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