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SChwast Nose Designers and comics
Two from Michael Dooley via Imprint, Print magazine’s online component. Salon reprints a piece called How comics influence graphic designers with comments and examples from Chip Kidd, Seymour Chwast, Mark Chiarello, and more.

And in this piece Dooley wanders around Comic-Con and talks to interesting people like David Mack, Peter Kuper and Matt Kindt.

For instance … on Saturday, when the SDCC dealers’ room was at its jam-packed worst, and hype sessions for upcoming screen entertainments were overstuffed, I could waltz right into a day’s worth of fascinating, fruitful, hour long panels; topics ranged from Chip’s upcoming Captain Marvel book and the legacy of the legendary Will Eisner to new directions in cross-media and post-paper comics.

Kitchen Eisner Designers and comics


  1. I just started a series of interviews concerning this. Mainly about comics as a childhood influence and designers/creators careers paths from there. My first interview was with Rian Hughes and I am working on the second interview now.

    Seems to be a hot topic right now.

  2. Great piece…

    I’d like to see a count of cartoonists with graphic design day jobs!!

  3. Glad to see design finally trickling through more into the mainstream side of comics related press and coverage as a whole.

  4. Shawn, You can count me as one of them!

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