New baby!

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We’re waiting for out new Intel iMac to be delivered today.

Much excitement at SBM, needless to say.


  1. Brian Spence says:

    Cool. I’ve had my first mac for about a month (a Macbook Pro) and I love it. Something about it is just classier and easier to use. I’m one of the converted now, I guess.

  2. Edward Liu says:

    Are you going to give it a suitably geeky comic book name, or let it live out its digital life as “Heidi’s Mac”?

  3. I’ll let you know exactly how much I love mine when I get it back from the shop for the second time in the past month.

  4. The Beat says:

    OH dear. But that means YOU got the LEMON, Chippington!!! I AM SAFE AND FREE!!!!!! What is wrong with yours????

  5. Just as long as you don’t taint it with any Windows software, I won’t come looking for you.

  6. First, after dealing with Apple on the phone for-fuckin-ever, I took it in and it was bad RAM. It was a shame Apple made me wipe everything off it first.
    Now it looks like it’s the logic board as it shuts down after being on for two minutes.

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