Nice art: Chris Ware New Yorker covers

new yorker cover september 2012 chris ware school 540x792 Nice art: Chris Ware New Yorker covers

As collected by Daniel Benneworth Gray

Above is Ware’s cover for last week’s “back to school” issue—in some ways thematically similar to his Halloween cover last year from 2009*, in that both explore some degree of parent/child separation.

* Wow, time flies when you blog every day.


  1. comicsatemybrain says:

    “Halloween cover last year”

    That cover has a 2009 date. So this is only 2010? You mean the last two years have only been a dream? We still have to sit through two more years of presidential election ads?

    That is scarier than anything I’ve ever experienced before.

  2. Scratchie says:

    I can’t take my eyes off this image.

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