Nice Art: Four Color Process

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CarHeadlightsCrop.jpg.scaled.1000 Nice Art: Four Color Process
Art blog Four Color Process – adventures deep inside the comic book, blows up comics panels, and finds the truth about life in benday dots. And it’s a whole lotta truth.

Via Douglas Wolk


  1. Nice classic stuff. I had a day job in the 1900s for 13 years in pre-press for a *huge* commercial printing company. We printed stuff in the millions (all that junk mail you get in your newspapers and mailbox and in-store magazines & flyers).

    For years we manually positioned the registration for CMYK film negatives, then Desktop publishing came along. I saw the entire change of the printing industry right before my eyes. It was amazing.

    Still, despite all the new technology (DTP, Adobe, et.) the basic principles outlined in the link still apply. Don’t over-saturate the color, know your resolution and basic output, and on the printing side keep things in register.

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