Nice Art: Scott Morse’s ATP Festival posters

bruteforce EC Nice Art: Scott Morses ATP Festival posters
Scott Morse has posted two posters which he created for the film portion of the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in Monticello, NY, Morse writes:

The cinema section is being curated by the incredible CRITERION folks, with film selections by Jim Jarmusch. My two posters are for Jacques Becker’s Touchez pas au grisbi and Jules Dassin’s BRUTE FORCE. Criterion designer Eric Skillman knocked the final designs out of the park, taking my paintings and emulating old EC and DC covers. Other comics artists will be filling out the poster roster, including buddies Scott Campbell and Matt Kindt. Tickets are still available, I believe, if you’re planning on being in the area.

grisbi DC Nice Art: Scott Morses ATP Festival posters
If anyone knows where we can find more of the festival posters, pass ‘em along.


  1. Matt Kindt’s NIGHT OF THE HUNTER:

    I’ll also be posting them as they come out at my Criterion-themed site:

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