Oh Bob Peak

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bob peak. excalibur. 0011 Oh Bob Peak
The great illustrator’s poster for EXCALIBUR.

More on Bob Peak.

Via Grantbridge Street.


  1. Steve Eidson says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was just wondering a couple of months ago why there was no collection of his to buy.

  2. I.Love.That.Movie.

  3. Hi, I have an original Bob Peak that is from the movie the Island 1982 that I am selling.

    30×40 This is a signed original key art!

    Contact me if you want to see images.

  4. Thomas Nixdorf says:

    Hi ! Anybody out there who is selling original movie poster artwork from Bob Peak and other Illustrators ? Tom

  5. I have a huge poster sing by Bob peak and i was wondering how much it would sale for i believ that it was the original to make prints of it.

  6. Thomas Nixdorf says:

    Sue – Contact me under t.nixdorf@t-online.de ….

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