Oh Sandman…NO!

fail owned spiderman comics fail Oh Sandman...NO!
Spidey’s most embarrassing moment, from Failblog. (Link via Twitter, but we don’t remember who had it, sorry.)


  1. In prison, they call that “sandbagging.”
    Or so I hear…

  2. Funny, after watching Spiderman 3 I felt as if something similar had been done to me.

  3. I remember reading that issue where this picture is from when it originally came out, and even as a kid I thought that was a pretty funny panel.

    What was that artist thinking? John Romita jr. drew that right?

  4. That Spidey… sometimes he can be a hard-ass.

    Where was the Comics Code Authority?

  5. michael says:

    what…I…..??!?!?? O.O

    I’m at a loss for words.

  6. jamesmith3 says:

    What do they mean “fail?” Looks like a smashing success, to me.

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