One-day San Diego Pass scramble begins in three…two…

comicondaily One day San Diego Pass scramble begins in three...two...
Just as a reminder, one-day passes go on sale for the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con today.

Will they sell out today, tomorrow, in March? We were toying of the idea of a pool in the comments thread and whoever gets closest to the time we post our “SOLD OUT IN SAN DIEGO” announcement wins a stack of books. Who wants to play along?

RULES: The date is the day ALL PASSES ARE SOLD OUT, and I post about it — Meaning ALL FOUR DAYS are sold out. To keep things fair, I won’t monitor this thread at all, and after I post, I’ll get a third party to be the judge of who wins.

I expect Saturday to go pretty fast (because they don’t know) and probably Sunday the last if the past is any guide. However maybe I’m all wrong and no one will buy a pass until the schedule is announced.


UPDATE: This contest ends tomorrow at NOON! he thread will be closed and preserved for all time.


  1. I’m game! Are we talking the first time one of the single days is sold out, or the first time ALL of the single days are sold out?

  2. Levi Williams says:

    Wow, never posted any comments here, but a stack of books sure would entice me. I’m predicting:
    –busy days like Friday and Saturday– Christmas Eve. (a perfect gift idea)
    –Thursday’s passes–New Years Eve.
    –and, finally, the Sunday passes–January 5th. (TOTALLY SOLD OUT)

    I’m not going this year. Too much of an expense. I went with a friend two years ago and it was really awesome, but a major dent in the bank account.

  3. January 17th !

  4. TChav says:

    January 14

  5. January 16th, my birthday.

  6. January 28th.

  7. maija says:

    December 26th for all of them. Boxing Day Blowout!

  8. I’ll go with February 14th.

  9. Leslie says:

    I’m going to have to go with February 28.

  10. January 31st

  11. February 3rd, 2010.

    (For you numbers geeks out there, the home page of CCI:SD has the percentage bars up.)

    Heidi, when will you close this thread? What’s to keep some yahoo from posting a guess a few days before the actual sell-out?

  12. alex reager says:

    Individual passes will probably be a much slower sell-out for obvious reasons (which I will not share with you here…) so I am going to guess February 11, 2009.

  13. alex reager says:

    Edit, edit, where’s the edit button….!!!

    Feb 11, 2010 seems much more likely than 2009.

  14. I vote for January 15th, 2010!

  15. Joe Helfrich says:

    Saturday passes will sell out by December 23. All passes will sell out by February 12. However, The Beat will be on vacation with FMB until February 17 and will not post about it until February 19.

  16. Jonathan La Mantia says:

    Gonna go with January 8th

  17. Jesse Haller says:

    I’ll go with February 6th.

  18. February 22nd!

  19. When I posted my prognostication, Sunday was at 2%. It is now at 8%. Saturday is now at 42%.

    Hotelween is March 18, 2010.

  20. maija says:

    So is there a cut-off day for posting a guess? Because everyone just has to watch the little green bars and wait until it’s rreeeeeeally close to say “tomorrow”.

    It’s already evident that Saturday will be sold out in the next day or two.

  21. maija says:

    … somehow I totally missed Torsten’s earlier post on the same issue.

  22. Put me down for March 15. Just to be contrarian with them Jan and Feb dates… and a couple of weeks before WONDERCON ’10 that will bring out the press attention coverage to that— and thus for SDCC again.

  23. Jim Caldwell says:

    December 21.

    It’ll be like an ol’ fashioned run on the bank. By gar, it’s been a while.

  24. michael says:

    I’m gonna go late and say….. May 1. :)

  25. Jarod Martin says:

    I’m going to say February 20.

  26. Jarod Martin says:

    “February 20″

    There, I said it. I gave you all plenty of warning so no complaining.

  27. Dallas Middaugh says:

    December 30, 2009.

  28. Gary Dunaier says:

    March 2, 2010.

  29. fernald says:

    April 19 2010

  30. As the deadline approaches, Saturday is 70%, Sunday is 14%.

    (And the worst guess should get a consolation prize… like a copy of Marvel Age or something.)