Only four months until Comic-Con!

sdcc 13 48596 Only four months until Comic Con!
While the next 120 days will, for comics pros, be filled with planning for all the shows between now and San Diego — C2E2, WonderCon, Emerald City, MoCCA, TCAF, Denver, Heroes, and so on—for those with their lasers locked on Comic-Con, the planning is nigh. And now that the majority of badges have been sold, the next level of planning begins. Tony B. Kim at Crazy for Comic-Con has a good round-up of things to start thinking about, like parking (it’s sold in advance!) hotels and so on. I always have a to-do list that I start at the previous year’s con, and the #1 item is always “PLAN EARLIER” — it never seems to happen but it’s a good note to aim for.

Kim’s site also has a section for “My First Time” accounts, and while none of them seem to be very comics focused, for us battle-scarred veterans of many a comic-con, they do provide a nice window into what we’re sometimes too jaded and always too stressed to notice: that it is still a wondrous experience, as this post by a fella named Alex shows:

I decided to hop in line at 5:30 am on that Saturday, surprisingly i was one of the first 20 in line! Even the current pass holder line was short, so I felt great! Then, they opened the doors roughly an hour earlier than expected, and I was running through the convention floor in such excitement and confusion, I just stopped. I stopped in the middle of the floor, watching other people run to their panels, their Hall H line, retailer booths for exclusives, autograph lines, and i realized how happy I was! Watching Geeks, Nerds, Artists, Writers, Noobs, big, small, young and old having a blast to reach their first stop of the day. As crazy as it gets, it is so much fun to be in whatever line you need to be in! I actually became lost in thought throughout the day and did not realize how crazy Hall H gets, so I missed panels that day, still remember the Simpsons and Futurama panel I missed, but it’s okay, I was better prepared for next time!


  1. Torsten Adair says:

    Yes. Yes it is glorious and amazing and memorable.

    Geez… 20 years of convention going….


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