Operation: BREAKFAST!!

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joe20 Operation: BREAKFAST!!If this is truly a world where miracles occur, by the time you read this. The Beat will have been awake for an hour.

This was not an objective easily achieved, but has required weeks of planning and training. We would like to thank the “team” that made this possible, especially Marco, our hairdresser. We have some candid photos of the team of elite operatives we assembled to make it happen in the jump.

ob 12 Operation: BREAKFAST!!

sjff 03 img0966 Operation: BREAKFAST!!

ms0312 0702 Operation: BREAKFAST!!

2005071219180301 Operation: BREAKFAST!!

10075957 jpg Operation: BREAKFAST!!

S81 25175 Operation: BREAKFAST!!

tide2pic Operation: BREAKFAST!!

starwars anewhope 10 Operation: BREAKFAST!!

joe67 Operation: BREAKFAST!!
errolflynnburma200 Operation: BREAKFAST!!


  1. Jonathan says:

    That first cover is actually pretty sweet. I dig it.

  2. Is it also not The Beat’s birthday? (according to Myspace, at least)

  3. The Beat says:

    Shhhh…tomorrow. The nap is my present to myself!

  4. Fanboy Menace says:

    “That first cover is actually pretty sweet. I dig it.”

    The only John Byrne GI Joe cover if I remember correctly. One of my favorite issues! :)

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