Otakon draws 31,000

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otakon2011 Otakon draws 31,000
Otakon, the anime/manga show held each year in Baltimore, drew a record 31,000 fans. Brigid Alverson runs down the announcements from Viz, Bandai, Funimation and Aniplex.

UPDATE: Ed Sizemore has the beginning of an excellent report.


  1. So, how long ’til the next “manga is over” comment, eh? ;]

    Otakon looks like so much fun . . . I’ve only been to dinky local cons, hopefully someday I’ll be able to attend a big one. :]

  2. Xenos says:

    Argh. I haven’t been to Otakon in years. It was the first one I ever went to. I know friends who go all the time. Another friend who went this year, I think her first time at Otakon, said she did well at her artist alley booth. It’s about 11 thousand more than Anime Boston. I think the New York Anime Fest, along side the comic con now, may pull in about the same as AB.

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