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On the Scene: Neil Gaiman Launches “Most Personal” Book’s Tour in Brooklyn


Neil Gaiman’s latest book, THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE, launched onto the market in a flurry of early glowing reviews on June 18th, and it was a long and “surreal” day for Gaiman, fresh from a plane in from London to usher the work into the hands of UK and US fans. […]

Neil Gaiman and The Beat think exactly alike: “Nobody knows.”


Coinciding brilliantly with our post yesterday on the nagging uncertainty of making a career in future media, world-renowned best selling author Neil Gaiman said pretty much exactly the same thing in a keynote address at the London Book Fair which urged everyone to just try new shit (we’re paraphrasing) to find what works:

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Go “Live” at Bard College


The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College in Red Hook, New York, hosted “An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer” on the 6th of April, an event packed with poetry, prose, and musical performance numbers from Gaiman and Palmer alike, frequently in combination. Here are some photos and a few choice […]

Cuteness and More Review: CHU’S DAY by Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex


Okay, it’s not a comic. But it is a lavishly illustrated and pleasingly offbeat childrens’ book by the great comics and prose writer Neil Gaiman (his latest longer work is THE GRAVEYARD BOOK) and the best-selling picture book artist Adam Rex (FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH). Last spring at MoCCA Fest, the Children’s Literature panel spent […]

SDCC 2012: New Neil Gaiman Sandman With J.H. Williams III

It’s the 25th anniversary of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Could DC let this go by without new material? No. And not only did they get Gaiman to agree to do a new tale, they got a real artist’s artist to illustrate it in the form of J.H. Williams III. Technically, this sounds like it will be a prequel, if not a prologue, to the original series. It should end just as the original issue #1 is about to begin.

What Neil Gaiman is going to do—or not do— with the $382,000 Todd McFarlane put in escrow — UPDATED

Although when a final settlement was reached in the epic Gaiman/McFarlane legal battle a few weeks ago, most people thought it was all over. But now there is The Accounting. Daniel Best dug up the settlement papers which mentioned just how much money Todd McFarlane might owe Neil Gaiman. Just to be clearer about this, the money in question is in an escrow account and there is really no discussion over its exact disposition. As noted it would go to legal fees, or Neil Gaiman or other things. In addition, the profits from the characters Gaiman co-created—the actual subject of the lawsuit—have yet to be audited.