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To Do Nov 8: SANDMAN live, hosted by Neil Gaiman!


A few tickets are still available for this Sandman reading/CBLDF benefit: Veteran voice actor Tom Wayland and others, will read from some of the most politically charged excerpts of THE SANDMAN written by New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of THE SANDMAN. Presented by the CBLDF and Vertigo, […]

"Neil Gaiman Wants Terry Gilliam to Direct Sandman"


Why yes, and so would we At the premiere for Stardust, Gaiman told Empire magazine that “I would always give anything to Terry Gilliam, forever, so if Terry Gilliam ever wants to do ‘Sandman’ then as far as I’m concerned Terry Gilliam should do ‘Sandman’,” said Gaiman. “But Terry’s busy trying to get ‘Good Omens’ […]

To Do 7/4 Budapest: Neil Gaiman signing


Neil Gaiman has announced an impromptu signing: Just nipping in to say that I’m going to be doing a semi-informal signing on my last night in Budapest. I’ll be at Sárkánytűz, 1092 Ferenc Krt. 40, on Wednesday July 4th at 7.00pm. I know it’s not much warning, but it’s really something we set up because […]

Neil Gaiman to direct DEATH movie with LaBeouf?


film ick has scoop: Later this year – if all goes well – Neil Gaiman will be directing his first feature film. It’s an adaptation of his Death: The High Cost of Living mini-series, and – of course – he’s scripted it. This was the film he was discussing with Guillermo del Toro at the […]

Neil Gaiman interview


Wild River Review has a much longer than usual interview with Neil Gaiman, where at one point he returns to the olden days: …I know for me, at least, one of the joys of comics has always been the knowledge that it was, in many ways, untouched ground. It was virgin territory. When I was […]

Toon Books launches Toon Graphics line with Gaiman, Mattotti, Fred and Pommaux


Toon Books, the award-winning line of comics for beginning readers, is branching out with Toon Graphics for Visual Readers, a line for older readers. but not grown ups but rather 8-up, readers who have a few more compound sentences under their belts. PW has the debut story, but the first three books, all due this fall, include:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David S. Goyer and a guy named Gaiman are making a Sandman movie


Oi vey! My heart! Gotta sit down. The long, long LOOOOOOONG rumored Sandman movie is underway yet again, this time with Joseph Gordon-Levitt set to produce. Deadline had the details but JGL tweeted his involvement: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm incredibly honored to be working with David Goyer, Warner Bros, and @neilhimself on SANDMAN. #Prelude — […]

Gaiman childhood shocker: had a Sussex accent


Details here.

Gaiman’s Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation Returning to Print


You may have read that Alice Cooper had a new comic series coming out.  Come to find out, there’s a 20th Anniversary edition of his most famous comic coming out: Neil Gaiman’s and Michael Zulli’s “The Last Temptation.”

Gaiman Returns To Marvel With Angela (Formerly of Spawn)


I think we can finally throw some dirt on the coffin of the Neil Gaiman – Todd McFarlane lawsuit.  The New York Times has announced that Gaiman’s Angela character (created for Spawn with Todd McFarlane, back in 1992), one of the objects of dispute, has moved over to Marvel.  Nothing says “the legal battle is over” like […]

The Gaiman Foundation Contributes $60,000 to CBLDF for Education Program


Yesterday morning, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announced that longtime supporter and board member Neil Gaiman contributed $60,000 to the non-profit’s growing education program. Gaiman, who has been a member of the CBLDF for more than a decade, retired from the Board of Directors earlier this year, and his generous contribution proves to be […]

Seen Around: Gaiman, Daughtry, Lee, Johns at THE DARK KNIGHT RISES premiere


Last night’s gala premiere for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in NYC brought out some stars, with author Neil Gaiman escorting DC president Diane Nelson to the event.

At the afterparty, DC execs Jim Lee and Geoff Johns relaxed and flexed with singing star Daughtry, who is teaming with the WB and DC for the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign to raise funds to end hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Rainy Monday empowerment: Gaiman and de Haven


Because it’s a horrible, rainy Monday, here’s some motivational speaking in the form of Neil Gaiman’s commencement address to the University of the Arts. And the text of Tom de Haven’s Commencement Address to the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Gaiman settlement cost Todd McFarlane $1,100,000


Daniel Best digs up the bankruptcy court proceedings for Todd McFarlane Inc. and notes that the $2.2 million settlement includes $1.1 million set aside for the “Gaiman Settlement (Class 4).” As Best notes, this is not necessarily the amount of money that Neil Gaiman received, since lawyers fees were to come out of the money.

Must read: Gaiman/McFarlane/Miracleman: The Saga


This is what we call a “hot drink” post in the biz*, as in, you must get a hot drink and a comfy chair before you dive in to the next link. Pádraig Ó Méalóid has done an amazing job of putting together a Gaiman/McFarlane/Marvelman timeline, which, although it only skims the details of the Marvelman deals of the ’80s, does cover the 10-year legal battle between Gaiman and McFarlane as it pertains to Marvelman. It’s a tale of (Tony) twists and turns. Of course the pre-history is also stunning:

Gaiman: "Every time I would run into Todd in a courtroom he looked a little more sad."


Neil Gaiman took his victory lap after the settlement in his lawsuit against Todd McFarlane with comments to the Washington Post’s Michael Cavna, talking about the copyright precedents set by all the various rulings over the years.