Phil Noto joins Thunderbolts, and The Punisher gets Romantic

Marvel have released a full teaser image – brings you back to those heady days before one-word teasers, sweet memories – for Daniel Way’s Thunderbolts series, revealing Phil Noto as the artist for the second arc. It also reveals Punisher getting a special lapdance from Elektra.


Well, when your choices are a moustachioed Hulk or Deadpool, Punisher is probably the best choice she could’ve made. This will likely devastate the legions of Venomektra fans out there. Sorry, folks! Seems a shame that her storyline is going to be a romance, though, especially as she’s the only female character on the team so far.

The arc, titled ‘Explosive’, starts in March.


  1. Man, Phil is too talented for dreck like this.

  2. RegularSyzedMike says:

    There goes Punisher’s reason for killing everyone…

  3. Silly but True says:

    Mike — hey, it’s Elektra. Frank can kill her too, and she could be back alive to finish business.

    Silly but true.

  4. Snikt Snakt says:

    Didn’t the Punisher hook up w/Elektra back during the Ennis Punisher/Marvel Knights era?


  1. [...] Earlier today, Marvel released the first Marvel NOW! teaser in what seemed like weeks, well they have released another one today too. The second one, titled “Explosive” features the Punisher and Elextra, uh in the heat of the moment. But what I think is more of interest (or maybe it isn’t, not judging) is that Phil Noto will be taking over the art duties from Steve Dillon on the next story arc on Daniel Way‘s Thunderbolts series. So did old Frank finally find love again? Someone he can take out on a dinner date then out to kill some criminals afterwards with. I’m excited for Noto to take over on the art. Dillon is okay, but just not a huge fan of his work. What do you think? (Via The Beat) [...]

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