Photo parade: the adorable foxes of Colleen Doran

GEDC0053 500x375 Photo parade: the adorable foxes of Colleen Doran
Of course, they are still wild animals!


  1. If there’s any comics creator I’d expect to have a family of adorable foxes, it’s Colleen Doran.

  2. Laurie S. Sutton says:

    I’m so envious! All I’ve got in my back yard are turtles, ducks, and squirrels. And an occasional ibis. Great photos on Colleen’s website, tho.

  3. horatio weisfeld says:

    I remember the scene in Grizzly Man, where the guy was rubbing the belly of a wild fox, like the fox was a house cat.

    Check out (description) of the Frazetta fox:

  4. Cryptozoology?

    WTF? Do you even know what that is?

  5. Cat — yes I do. If you click on the tag you’ll see a lot of posts that are more about ccrypto – weird animals, monsters, etc. I don’t have a “Cute animal posts” tag…but maybe I should?

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