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As many of you have noticed, the recent server shuffle has resulted in a loss of visual images.  The Beatrix herself is spearheading our crack team of technological troubleshooters, and we hope to restore normalcy soon.

Normally, in situations such as this, we would run “classic” columns from before the advent of the World Wide Web.  Unfortunately, our tape archive was mistakenly recorded over with the 67th Academy Awards.

So instead, we have reverted to ASCII mode.

Before we post actual articles, please bear with us as we test this version of WordPress.

Here’s a smaller pic of Krypto, courtesy of :

                 ,-.-._.-' :
       _.-.-._.-'          ;
        '-._              ;
            '-._._(.,,) .'
            '=.=.-( ee)'
      kOs      ( .  7)
              (_,; `T)
               '  |)-'))
                  '   '

(Hmm...  looks like we'll have to adjust the line spacing.)

ASCII art has a long and rich history, and has even evolved into various schools and styles. The origins of the art form can be traced back to typewriter art.
Visit: for a good overview of typewriter art (check out that butterfly!), teletype art, and the multiple variations, including punch card art.

So, what does this all have to do with comics?  Well, aside from the artistic challenges and the geek tendency to recreate pop culture into line printer artwork, there was actually an episode of the Adventures of Superman created for the U.S. Department of the Treasury to promote U.S. Savings Bonds to children.  According to Wikipedia, typewriter art actually features into the plot.

You can watch it here:

(Since it was made for the government, it is in the public domain.)

We hope to have the problem fixed soon.  Otherwise, we will have to outsource all GIFs to India for conversion to ASCII, and that can be time-consuming.  (Back in the 1980s, we sent our graphics to the American Type Founders office in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but that division closed down in 1990, with the advent of do-it-yourself conversion software and various Usenet groups.)


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