Daniel Kibblesmith & K. Thor Jensen join The Chemistry Set with ‘Threads of Red Jack’

In a city called Flint, almost as ugly as the real one, something has begun to stir in the pockets of wet shadow. Under hood and mask and clad to the toetips in red, a man has emerged in the alleyways with no memories of his person, his place, or his purpose. A prophecy-mangling amputee has taken to holding court in the street. Several stories above it all, a selfless psychiatric visionary is about to unleash a catastrophic new weapon in the battle with mental illness. Threads of Red Jack is a search for identity, a fable about anger that has outlived its usefulness, and a throwdown between the madmen in power and the madmen with none.

Threads of Red Jack is a new series written by Daniel Kibblesmith and drawn by K. Thor Jensen, appearing exclusively on The Chemistry Set. Red Jack has previously appeared in the Dresden Dolls music video “Half Jack,” viewable here:

“I’m really looking forward to Threads of Red Jack,” said Chemistry Set co-founder, Vito Delsante. “I think of all the new creators and projects that we’ve brought on this year, Daniel and Thor’s collaboration is going to be a solid entertaining effort and should bring more faces to our readership. Threads is going to knock a lot of socks, and you can quote me.”

Daniel Kibblesmith was born in Oak Park, IL on the day of a prominent mushroom parade. His first comic book property, Dr. Dactyl was self-published at the age of three, and briefly adapted for television, until the static cling faded and the perforated pages slipped off the screen. He currently resides in Chicago, IL and supports himself by making graphics for a burgeoning online news empire, dividing his free time between crafting unfilmed scripts and unscripted video.

K. Thor Jensen was born in a hole and climbed up a mountain. He is the creator of Red Eye, Black Eye from Alternative Comics. He lives in Astoria, New York with his wife and family and has enough irons in the fire to brand all the cows in Texas. Threads of Red Jack is his first collaborative work.

The Chemistry Set is a destination for webcomics in a variety of styles from a variety of up & coming and established talent. Founded in 2006, The Chemistry Set boasts three Xeric Award winners and a combined bibliography including work for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Random House, Image Comics, SLG Publishing, Markosia and many others. Visit The Chemistry Set at www.chemsetcomics.com.