Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood to Join The Chemistry Set

The Chemistry Set are pleased to announce the addition of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, otherwise known as Silver Bullet Comic Books’ Two Drunk Guys In A Bar,and their miniseries, The Gloom, to the ranks of the Chemistry Set creators.

Tony and Dan – whose current project is Hope Falls, a supernatural five part series out from AAM/Markosia in November – have a long history together, starting from a random meeting at a comic convention in 2004.

“We were both at Bristol in November for a UK convention.” Tony Explains. “And I was meeting the now-defunct APC about a project, who put me up for the night in Dan’s room as he was sleeping there on their dime, so to speak. We’d never met each other before that day so we were wary of exposing our shirtless bodies to one another in case we became a Merchant-Ivory film, but after a few drinks and a mutual slagging-off of all the creators we hated, we found we had a bond that no man, woman or farmyard animal could break. That night we created The Gloom, pitched it the very next day. The Gloom made it to print, and the project I was there for was forgotten!”

Having built up a friendship with many of the Chemistry Set members from his regular trips to the U.S for conventions, Tony knows that Two Drunk Guys In A Bar will fit in well at The Chemistry Set. But the first problem they actually had was what to create.

“When we were invited to join, we were honoured.” Dan explains. “But I’m in the middle of Hope Falls and Tony didn’t want to cheat on me with another artist like the cheap slut that he usually is. So we looked back at our beginnings.”

“The Gloom was the first book we ever worked on together, and it was a five part miniseries,” continues Tony. “Unfortunately, APC folded after issue #2, and the story was never seen – until now. We’d finished the whole series and were looking to bring out a collected edition in 2008 with then-publisher Rich Emms, but we decided that The Chemistry Set would be the perfect place to serialise all five issues, two pages a week.”

The Gloom is the tale of Carson Kane, a 1940′s industrialist who, by night, takes to the street as an Angel of Vengeance, his two hellfire pistols in his hands. But, although it pulls from the best of 40′s pulp iconology, it’s been dubbed ‘A Mel Brooks movie of a comic’ for its parody and humor. From Nazis to talking monkeys in fez’s, to atomic terrorists to Britain’s first super team, The Gloom has it all. Silver Bullet Comic Books reviewer Reggie Rigby even said of it “buy this book – sell a kidney if you have to.”

The Gloom starts October 19th and serializes every Friday at The Chemistry Set (