Preview: THE BOY IN QUESTION by Michael DeForge

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Fresh off the heels of a number of illustrious debuts at TCAF as well as nominations for both Eisner and Doug Wright awards, Michael DeForge undeniably inhabits all meaning of unstoppable. And thus, true to form, another release is lined up for this summer, titled THE BOY IN QUESTION, to be released by an additionally noteworthy force, Space Face Books, who previously has put out DeForge’s MOLECULES along with an assemblage of lustworthy mini-comics. DeForge’s newest work is an exposition of  the recurring quasi-documentary style that the Toronto cartoonist is well known for, this time tackling a narrative about an army man and woman who encounter a slumbering mysterious figure in the desert and what follows in the days and years after capturing this alien presence.

Beginning in DeForge’s unequivocal rendering, THE BOY IN QUESTION starts off with a duo of uniformed soldiers coming across a peculiar specimen laying in a strange sea of desert sand. Whether this being is alive or dead, human or creature is an enigma, and as the couple’s attempt for backup go unanswered, this sets off the consequent string of events as the story twists and distorts into tales that depict everything from human genesis, the survival diet, extramarital affairs, futuristic scientific probing to incestual colonization. Like many of DeForge’s other works, the story is rich with his familiar dream logic, as time runs awry, often skipping months or even years ahead.

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Although more recent works have been done in color, THE BOY IN QUESTION is printed in black and white, yet if anything, the dark tonal blacks and greys are utilized in establishing the disturbing and psychedelic universe of the story. However for those yearning for some color, the cover is printed in an eye-catching spectrum of bright luminosity and serve as a nice glimpse at the seraphic figure of the comic.

tumblr mmfp7x2S3y1qjzdqio2 1280 Preview: THE BOY IN QUESTION by Michael DeForge

tumblr mmfp7x2S3y1qjzdqio1 1280 Preview: THE BOY IN QUESTION by Michael DeForge

A little larger than the previous pocket size 3×5 format, THE BOY IN QUESTION measures out at 7×10 inches and runs 20 pages in length. Going for the nice price of $7, Space Face Books will be releasing this comic early this summer, but have just started taking pre-orders now.

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Space Face Books continue to release some of the best mini-comics from a diverse number of young independent cartoonists, and even offer a yearly subscription (although for now is sold out!) that would ensure the delivery 0f comics from the likes of Michael DeForge, Joe Kessler, Patrick Kyle, Simon Hanselmann, and more.

tumblr ml5ikt0WLu1qjzdqio1 1280 Preview: THE BOY IN QUESTION by Michael DeForge

Head to the Space Face Books store to get your copy now!

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