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201103290330 Progress report
Uh oh, when The Beatdips into the Cover Browser, you know it’s one of those “I’m all stressed out!” posts. Indeed, I’m finishing a VERY big and vital project and just can’t keep up with everything going on. (Yes yes, Rob Granito, I know.) I’m very sorry. There are times I jut sit staring into space and wish I had a day where I could do nothing but read email, accept Facebook requests. and drink coffee. That day is as likely as a day where I do nothing but shop at Prada and Bottega Veneta, but…you never know!

After WonderCon, we should be back to normal, or semi-normal, or quasi-normal, or whatever it is they call it these days.

Speaking of WonderCon, we may not have time for a full on preview post, but send us some links and we’ll gather them in a post. We don’t have any home base at the show, but we’ll be wandering around or hovering near Ben McCool at the Image booth.

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