Read another Eisner nominee for free: Frank Stockton's "Hamburger for One"

The parade of free award-nominated online comics reading continues with Frank Stockton’s “Hamburger for One”, which was nominated for an Eisner in the “Best Short Story” category. It’s the almost painful story of an awkward teen boy and his attempts to interact with his world.

Read the whole thing in the link. The original story appeared in POPGUN #4.


  1. Karen says:

    Am I allowed to say that all the judges just loved this story?

  2. Al™ says:

    Wow, nice story. The pacing seems slow and cumbersome at the beginning, but begins to make more and more sense as the story progresses. Beautifully illustrated. Would like to see more work from Stockton.

  3. Ugh. This was too real. I’m depressed now.

    It should definitely win.

  4. Aw… yep I’m sad now. :`( A little slow at first but really well done.

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