Reminder: 2009 Eisner Award Submission deadline

Today is the deadline for publishers to submit books to be considered for nominations:

Comic-Con International, the largest comic book and popular arts event in the United States, announced today that submissions are now being accepted for consideration by the judges for the 2009 Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards. Publishers wanting to submit entries should send one copy each of the comics or books they wish to nominate and include a cover letter indicating what is being submitted and in what categories. There are no entry fees for any submissions.

Publishers may submit a maximum of five nominees for any one category, and the same item or person can be submitted for more than one category. Each imprint, line, or subsidiary of a publisher may submit its own set of entries. There are no entry fees.

All submissions should be sent to Eisner Awards, Attn: Jackie Estrada, Eisner Awards Administrator, 8340 Allison Ave., La Mesa, CA 91941 before the deadline of March 13, 2009.


  1. […] Just when I’d gotten into the habit of cranking out one substantive post every week or so, I’ve now pretty much ground to a halt.  Why?  Because, as some of you might know, the deadline for submissions to the 2009 Eisner Awards was a couple of days ago… which means that Eisner nomination time is looming near and now, with every book in, the pressure is really on for us judges to get up to speed reading-wise.  Of late, my studio shelves, which are usually at least semi-organized, have become a massive “in/out” box for reading material from 2008 and any time I get the inclination to do a little writing on something of interest, a little voice in my head starts with, “The SHELF, think of the SHELF!” […]

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