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While we don’t expect anyone to dive into the Legendary Rick Olney thread at CBR, Graeme has a mini round-up, but even BETTER, Olney himself has waded right into it, by YET AGAIN ANNOUNCING A CONVENTION (one of his most notorious maneuvers is cancelling cons at the last minute), and swearing he has a venue, although he hasn’t announced it yet. But he does so have a venue.

Anyway, this is the last public post on this matter by me. We do have a venue for the June 23rd & 24th Mighty MiniCon event. We hope you’ll bother to come check us out!

The next Mighty MiniCon is June 23rd & 24th in upstate New York. As stated, details will be released shortly here.

Any vendor previously discouraged or having any feelings of regret from 2004-2005 are encouraged and invited to contact me to resolve their concerns.

In closing, TightLip Entertainment welcomes any interest from certified vendors, potential guests, and any small press or indy publishing entity interested in our next event.

For some reason, Olney’s announcing a new Mighty Mini-Con has led to a bunch of people rushing to state that they AER NOT GOING TO BE AT IT, Markosia:

Markosia Entertainment today confirmed that as a company, they would not be attending June’s Mighty Mini Con, run by TightLip Entertainment.

“We’ve been told that we were mentioned as guests,” Tony Lee, Group Editor for Markosia said. “But the text going around the net currently is from last year and was asked to be taken down by Chuck Satterlee, our Director of Operations. We will not be at MMC.” The text has consequently been removed.

Markosia apologizes to their fans but stresses that they will be back in the US in 2007 at a variety of conventions across America.

“Individual creators may still attend the Mighty Mini Con or any other event, of course. However, Markosia will not have a presence, no matter what you have heard,” finished Lee.

For more information on what conventions Markosia will be attending, go to www.markosia.com.

And Tony Isabella, who has posted his warning all over the internets:

A message to all my friends and readers…

If you are approached by an individual named Rick Olney or a representative of this man, if you are approached by Olney or anyone else representing entities known as The Mighty Mini-Con, TightLip Entertainment, or ORCA, I strongly urge you to run in the other direction. You can find more details here:


Please, if you trust me, do not attempt to do business with Olney. In fact, please pass along this warning to any comics professionals, aspiring comics professionals, retailers, exhibitors, media guests, and fans you know.

Olney is not someone you want to do business with.

I’d hoped not to involve myself in this in such a public manner, but, with Olney again advertising a convention and claiming that he is still planning to publish comic books, the greater good demands I speak out.


  1. Hey, This guy didn’t have anything to do with that Las Vegas convention a few years back? Man, that was the biggest money waster I ever threw money on a table for.



  2. The Markosia statement was due to the fact that Olney’s website for the convention still listed the folks he had lined up for last year’s cancelled convention.

    He seemed to think he could just “rollover” the guest list, because, gosh darn it, won’t all these people be as pleased as punch to deal with him again! After all, he owes them a convention experience!

    (Sorry, snarkery got loose there.)

    But that’s the point behind the Markosia statement. And good on them for it!

    (Yeah, I’m “vested” in the matter – I’m an editor on the Unscrewed! comic. Truth in advertising. ;) )

  3. Olney has nothing to do with Vegas.

    Olney has many unpaid debts (and at present, 2 judgments) from his dealing with artists at his company, Tightlip Entertainment.

  4. DocAbsurd says:

    Just for the record:

    MMC was canceled in 2004, twice in 2005, and again 2006.

    Another of Olney’s alleged Hallowe’en venues, the Spooky, was canceled in 2004 and 2005. Apparently he’s given up on that one.

    The MMC site also still listed the crew of SciFi Channel’s Ghost Hunters as appearing. I believe they have been notified.

    I’ve got double-vested (but only one pair of pants) interest as well: I’m an editor on UNSCREWED! and one of his many debtors.

  5. Beware Olney.

    The good news is that two seperate judgments have been made against Olney in the last two weeks. One just today in fact.

  6. Oh lord, 3/4’s of the damn release reads like a post at a wank forum. 0_o. That’s an official release? Oh how silly. I thought BL was loaded with drama.

  7. Good grief… does he actually expect *anybody* to show up given the recent uproar?!

    Eh, what’s the use in complaining? He’ll just cancel it a day or two before the event anyway.

  8. Ricl Olney’s new book:
    “How NOT to run a ComicCon but still make it look like you have”.
    Oh Rick, aug, I had such high hopes for you.

  9. Alan Coil says:

    Convention announced, then this—“Markosia Entertainment today confirmed that as a company, they would not be attending June’s Mighty Mini Con, run by TightLip Entertainment.”—

    Ummm, April is here some. Are you sure this isn’t a huge April Fools joke?

  10. Thank you for the publicity, Heidi! I am sure that anyone attending the MMC this June 23rd & 24th will have a superb time! The curious and the interested should watch http://www.mightyminicon.com for guests news and updates.

    As to all the sad little people that are passing themselves off as being owed something by me here; Fear not! Your time of facing truth versus spewing lie upon lie upon lie to stroke each other… is right around the corner!

    And, regarding that old list of guests — only an idiot would have made that tremendous leap in mixing up guests clearly identified (and now removed) from the 2006 convention canceled due to three deaths in my immediate family.

    Again, thanks for getting the word out on how GREAT the Mighty MiniCon is going to be! I’ll throw your picture up on the homepage and give you a plug for your trouble.

    Rick Olney

    Rick Olney

  11. Matt Doc Martin says:

    Only an idiot would leave up a guest list for a con that never happened.

    Oh. That was Rick Olney.

    Heidi, I realize you were pointing out the absurdity of rick’s attempts to promote his sham of a con.

    Rest assured, I am helping to warn any potential guests.

  12. Olney gives competent con artists a bad name.

  13. i almost want to go ..just to see what a huge failure it is first hand…that is if it isnt cancelled..and it will be.. and please show us your truth rick!.. do something please!..sue me..sue something! do something other than chicken out on your court dates, refusing to pay us and whine incoherently online.. id love to see it

  14. I’m interested in attending … but I couldn’t find the location. It said something like “To be announced, New York.” Any updates on the venue, yet?

  15. Justin Carr says:

    You’ve never heard of To Be Announced, New York? Great place. You should go there and try their bagels sometime.

  16. I can’t find ToBeAnnounced anywhere on Mapquest. But, we all know unreliable THEY can be. Anyone up for a roadtrip? Chuck Satterlee reaffirmed that he would not attend when I chatted with him (briefly) at my comic show (midjerseycomicon.com).

    There’s still time for Rick Olney to find a location, so I won’t write him off. However, I’ve discovered that it’s always best to decide on a location and date BEFORE announcing anything.

  17. For what it’s worth … just out of morbid curiosity, I checked the Mighty Minicon website. All I get is a message, “No website is configured at this address.” That’s too bad, since Rick Olney was announcing a show for June 23-24 in “To Be Announced, New York.”

    I suppose it was easier to just dynamite the whole website than make explanations.

  18. For what it’s worth … just out of morbid curiosity, I checked the Mighty Minicon website. All I get is a message, “No website is configured at this address.” That’s too bad, since Rick Olney was announcing a show for June 23-24 in “To Be Announced, New York.”

    I suppose it was easier to just dynamite the whole website than make explanations.

  19. visit says:

    Your site is a much needed addition to my life. THANK YOU!


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