RIP: Fred

201304031133 RIP: Fred
French cartoonist Frédéric Aristidè who worked under the name Fred has died at age 82. Winner of the 1980 Grand Prix at Angoulême, Fred was best known for Philémon, a long running fantasy strip about a youth who falls through a well to a magical world, accompanied by his loyal donkey. Fred co-created the satirical magazine Hara-Kiri, and was published in the New Yorker, among Engish language projects. A final Philémon book was piublished just this year.

2013040311331 RIP: Fred

201304031134 RIP: Fred


  1. Chris Duffy says:

    Those Philemon albums are great. I have a few that I reread on occassion…with a French English dictionary on hand. I’m sure I’m missing 90 percent of it, but they are a surreal blast.

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