Saga #9 — the Stalk is back?

saga9 web Saga #9    the Stalk is back?
CBR has Image’s January solicitations and it look like a fan favorite is back—although it’s probably a hoax, dream or imaginary story, as the solicitation copy suggests:

The Will finally has a good day.


  1. Sexiest cover ever! The will is gorgeous!

  2. At the Saga panel at NYCC, BKV and Staples mentioned that they’d be showing more of the cast’s backstories — I think it’s gonna be a flashback, if anything. Then again, it’s BKV, so I kind of doubt it’s that simple.

  3. Pink Apocalypse says:


  4. James T says:

    Yes, as LTZ pointed out, it is a flashback issue.

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