Salma Hayek has baby!

salma hayek07 Salma Hayek has baby!
We almost forget that actress Salma Hayek had a baby girl last week. Congratulations! Valentina Paloma Pinault is the first child for Hayek, 41, and fiancee Francois Henri Pinault, but great training for when Hayek plays mother of god-knows-how-many Luba in The Beat‘s imaginary but much dreamed for adaptation of LOVE AND ROCKETS. And maybe even Salma is thinking the same thing: Paloma…Palomar….hm…..
200709252353 Salma Hayek has baby!
BTW, the previous pictures of Salma Hayak we’ve posted are now the most Googled upon elements of this blog. Sad but true. We’re thinking this is one traffic-raising ploy that most of our readers will enjoy, however.


  1. michael says:

    That pic is the most unvoluptuous pic the Beat has ever posted of her! ;)

  2. Any pic of Selma is solid gold.

  3. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Man, she looks like she could kick my butt!

  4. Jeff P. says:

    Um…is it just me, or does it look like her head has been Photoshopped onto someone else’s body?

  5. niazi says:

    very smart tynu lay kay jana mianwali,kameez tere kali

  6. niazi says:

    ideal bdy very sexy,kay kareay kay kareay dhola kay kareay?

  7. ummmmmmm……… i like salma’s pics those are all sexy i love her toooo much…?

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