San Diego Comic-Con Badge-o-ween takes place this Saturday!

47196989 San Diego Comic Con Badge o ween takes place this Saturday!
The general scrum for badges for this year’s Comic-Con opens on Saturday at 9 am Pacific Time. But it order to purchase them you must get your place in the waiting room between 7 am and 9 am. And before that you must run with the wolves, learn the ways of the Shaolin Temple, and convert to a vegan diet. Or something.

This does not apply to press people or “industry support people”, BTW. We have our OWN stressful thing to go through. This is for people who didn’t go in 2013 because they already had their stressful process.

The complete procedure for those who qualify is explained in the above link and takes about 1500 words to lay out. The bottom line is that it’s a lottery, you get into the waiting room and then you will be assigned a random place. You will be able to buy badges for three people but they must ALL HAVE MEMBER IDs as will the purchaser.



201403140219 San Diego Comic Con Badge o ween takes place this Saturday!

This man refreshed his browser.

The con folks are making this year’s process truly random, and to do that it’s a little more complex. But finally it is a lottery. You all asked for a lottery and you got it.

BTW no one knows when the hotel-o-ween is happening, but my guess is that will be a random lottery as well, and that may mean a lot of crying and weeping from Stately Beat Manor and every where else. Be brave, dear ones. It will all be wonderful no matter what.


  1. Gil C says:

    Hotel-o-ween is April 8th. MTFBWY.

  2. Rob J. says:

    San Diego Comic-Con: Not For Aspergians With Anxiety Disorders* Anymore

    * ie: me

  3. joe musich says:

    Randomness would exclude badge purchases for other then one person.


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