Sandman Overture Delayed until 2014

With the first issue out, Sandman Overture’s second issue has been pushed back until next year by DC. Planned to be released bimonthly, it appears that creative delays will hold back the next issue until 2014.

SANDMAN Sandman Overture Delayed until 2014

No official reason was given for the delay – internet speculation suggests that the second script hasn’t been handed in yet – but this is a bit of a blow for Vertigo, who had made the series the centrepiece of their 2013 schedule. There are still plenty of other projects coming out, like Coffin Hill and Hinterland, but Sandman Overture being pushed back until February is still a disappointment for the company.

Whilst there won’t be new issues until next year, DC will be publishing a version of the first issue later this month, which puts a spotlight on J.H.Williams artwork.


  1. Erik Scott says:
  2. It’s J.H. Williams III. I’ll gladly wait.

  3. Pretty stupid. Why didn’t they just release this as a series of Prestige format issues or OGNs?

  4. “Whilst there won’t be new issues until next year, DC will be publishing a version of the first issue later this month, which puts a spotlight on J.H.Williams artwork.”

    So, since there won’t be an issue #2 for a while, they want to sell us issue #1 again? It’s a good thing I didn’t buy it the first time, because I love me some J.H. Williams artwork, but I’m telling you, it’s like DC wants to feed my “occupy Sandman” running gag. ;)

  5. “me not getting script written on the tour, with knock-on effects.”

    i.e. they took me out drinking on every stop, and I accepted on every stop.

    What in God’s name are knock-on effects?

  6. Allen , While I can understand how one would associate a book tour with endless partying and glamorous meals, I can assure you first-hand, as a person who has spent a great deal of time working with Neil and other authors on book tours, that this isn’t at all the case.
    An average day for an author of Neil’s prominence on a tour like this is: early morning interviews, pre-sign thousands of books for the host store, get to the speaking event venue, sound-check, pre-event meet & greet, with local hosts, speaking event, sign for the assembled audience until every person is satisfied, usually taking about 5 hours, then off on a bus to get to the next city, or nap at hotel before early morning flight. You’re talking 16 to 21 hour days, every day, for two months. It’s a lot of hard work, especially for the person whose job is to be attentive to every person who waits all day to get that magic minute with the author they admire.
    It’s understandable that folks are disappointed about the delay of a project they’re excited about, but that disappointment ought to be expressed without disparaging the character of the creators of that project.

  7. Johnny Memeonic says:

    To be fair, we are in November. 2014 is only a month and a half or so away, not a whole year (though I expect the book will be out closer to March than January).

  8. Snidely Whiplash says:

    It’s just a fucking comic book!

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