Seasons Greeting: Stephanie Buscema

Feliznavidad Seasons Greeting: Stephanie Buscema

Talented Stephanie Buscema shares her holiday art with us. Yes, she comes from an artistic family — her grandfather is the legendary John Buscema.


  1. Yay, this is adorable! Stephanie’s art makes me want to draw more. Also, she kicks ass.

    Thanks for the “nice art” run, Heidi.

  2. Kyle Baker says:

    I’m a fan! Did not know she was related to John.

  3. alistair robb says:

    NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! Somuch talent in one family :D

    great Stuff,already a fan.

  4. otistfirefly says:

    Excellent! I’d love to see her and Darwyn Cooke tackle something!

  5. Shawn Kane says:

    She’s great and don’t forget that she’s the grandniece of the great Sal Buscema.

  6. Joe Heffernan says:

    WOW! That’s a great card. Happy Holidays to everyone at The Beat and especially to the Buscema family – from one of John’s former Comic Art Workshop students!

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