Slave Labor joins iVerse

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201106141907 Slave Labor joins iVerse
Meanwhile Slave Labor, the long-running quirky comics publisher which has survived against all odds for over 20 years, has just teamed with iVerse to offer digital comics. We’ll vouch for MIDNIGHT SUN by Ben Towle, one of those Antarctic comics we’re so fond of, and the other initial offerings are sound, as well, including the popular REX LIBRIS.

SLG President and Owner, Dan Vado, said “I am very excited to be part of iVerse and I am looking forward to growing our digital initiatives with them. Every company selling comics in this space brings something unique and cool to the experience and iVerse seems to be well suited to meet both the current and future demands of selling digital comics and developing new marketplaces.”

The first wave of titles will include 18 issues from “Midnight Sun”, “Nightmares & Fairy Tales”, “Rex Libris”, and “Serenity Rose” with many more new and classic SLG series to be available through regular store updates going forward.

iVerse Media CEO, Michael Murphey, had this to say about the new partnership, “SLG is a company that we’ve wanted to work with for a very long time, and I’m really excited to have them on board. They have an interesting and diverse line of books that I think Comics + users are going to really dig.”

The initial list of books to be released today in the Comics+ app include:

Midnight Sun #1
Midnight Sun #2
Midnight Sun #3
Midnight Sun #4
Midnight Sun #5
Nightmares & Fairy Tales #1
Nightmares & Fairy Tales #2
Nightmares & Fairy Tales #3
Nightmares & Fairy Tales #4
Nightmares & Fairy Tales #5

Rex Libris #1
Rex Libris #2
Rex Libris #3
Serenity Rose #1
Serenity Rose #2
Serenity Rose #3
Serenity Rose #4
Serenity Rose #5

Titles are available now in the Comics + Application for iOS. For more information visit:


  1. John VanGuard says:

    Shouldn’t that be iVerse and not iVerase in the title? :)

  2. Midnight Sun is Arctic, not Antarctic like Whiteout is. :) Which other polar adventure comics do you recommend? :D

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