So obviously the new Beatles…

VentureBrosPanel So obviously the new Beatles... " align="middle" hspace="4" vspace="4" alt="Venturebrospanel" />

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  1. That’s so sacrilegious to compare any group to the Beatles!!

    Shame!! Shame!!


  2. Hey, they’re better than the Beatles! They’re TEAM VENTURE! ;)

  3. Edward Liu says:

    There’s a bigger version of the photo at, which is followed by outtake shots of what happened when one panel attendee asked Michael Sinterniklaas, “Can I get a hug?”

    Same thing happened at the Narnia panel, when a fan asked if she could get a hug from Peter. My opinions on that are at the Flickr stream.

  4. they are awesome. we were lucky enough to interview doc hammer and jackson publick sit at our COMIC NEWS INSIDER booth in the podcast arena before their panel. and post panel, james urbaniak (thanks heidi!) came and chatted with us for awhile too! that elusive sinterniklaas!

    pics on my flickr.

    the interviews will be released this week!

  5. Get it right… The Holy Consumption of Chicago is The New Beatles

    Paul Hornschmeier is the The John Lennon of Comics (The Wise One)
    Jeffrey Brown is The Paul McCartney of Comics (The Cute One)
    Anders Nilsen is The George Harrison of Comics (The Quiet One)
    John Hankiewicz is The Ringo Starr of Comics (The Shy One)

    The Clarence Walker of Comics (The Most Dominant One)

    PS. Jeffrey Brown still use Afro-Sheen because of me!

  6. Steve Taylor says:

    They still make Afro-Sheen?

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