Some day 0 photos

IMG 1344 Some day 0 photos
A few photos from the panoply of Day 0. Above, Andrew Pepoy, a gentleman whose name we did not write down, The Beat, Lee Nordling (The Pack) and Disney Legend Floyd Norman.

IMG 1347 Some day 0 photos
The calm before the storm just before the doors opened on Wednesday.

IMG 1351 Some day 0 photos
Eric Shanower always looks spiffy, this time in a velvet long coat.

IMG 1355 Some day 0 photos
The mystery of what’s in this girl’s pants continues over at the Sideshow booth.

IMG 1363 Some day 0 photos
Long trains that take 15 minutes to pass cut off the the convention center from the mainland at dusk.

IMG 1366 Some day 0 photos
Stormtrooper scout patrol.

IMG 1368 Some day 0 photos
Neil Gaiman’s back at the Beowulf reception.

IMG 1373 Some day 0 photos
The secret word is Firepit!

IMG 1375 Some day 0 photos

IMG 1378 Some day 0 photos
Aussie bar lures con-goers with messages in their native tongue.


  1. elim mak says:

    let’s see if you’re still smiling by the end of the weekend hee hee! i’m there with the beat in spirit ;-)

  2. Tell Eric he looks snazzy for me. If you run into him again. Come to think of it, I owe him an email anyway. Nevermind.

  3. The Aussie bar was really fantastic!

    *DELICIOUS* cheese plate, and well-mixed drinks. Very friendly staff, too.

    Michelle, the marketing lady, was about as chipper and friendly as a person could be. I wish I’d gotten back there…

  4. michael says:

    awesome photos Heidi! Thanks! :D

  5. Olgunka-aw says:

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