Spidey Spoilers

If you want to know everything that happens in SPIDEY 3’s finale go to this link. We haven’t clicked so we have no idea of it’s been taken down or not. We advise you not to click but we know some of you like to know this kind of thing.

For a more widely circulated spoiler, here’s the Sideshow Venom, which shows how the villain will appear in the film.
15252 Spidey Spoilers


  1. Eghad! Make them take that stuff down. I didn’t look, but knowing it’s out there puts the fear in me.

  2. I looked!! And . . . guess what? Spider-Man 3 is based on a COMIC BOOK. Yes, seriously! So you know what? You already know what happens, basically, if you’ve ever, you know, read one. Just like you knew that [CAUTION: SPIDER-MAN 1 SPOILERZ OMG OMG] he beat that evil Norman Osborn, too!

  3. There’s a whole load of NEW spoiler info in a newer post – confirmed by multiple sources close to the film.

    The whole Gwen Stacey character arc, plenty about Eddie Brock and more on some of the juiciest scenes.

    Come see it. Like having the company.


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