SPX stuff: What they are doing and selling

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Drawn & Quarterly

D+Q Creative Director Tom Devlin will be manning ye old booth this weekend at SPX at the Marriott North in Bethesda, MD. The show is open from 11-7 on Saturday and from 12-6 on Sunday. Friday night Tom will be at Politics & Prose in Washington DC with James Sturm presenting MARKET DAY while in Baltimore at Atomic Books, you’ll find R. Sikoryak and Vanessa Davis with friends presenting respectively Masterpiece Comics and Make Me A Woman.

At the show new books with authors signing include Vanessa Davis’s Make Me A Woman, and Kevin Huizenaga’s Wild Kingdom along with Gabrielle Bell, James Sturm, and R. Sikoryak.

HDAY cover lores 239x300 SPX stuff: What they are doing and selling

MYNEWNYDIARY COVER lores1 300x240 SPX stuff: What they are doing and selling
PictureBox is double dipping at the Brooklyn Book Festival. All pertinent info here.

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Raina Telgemeier – with T-shirt sale!

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Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya

 SPX stuff: What they are doing and selling

Katie Sekelsky and Magpie Luck

201009100225 SPX stuff: What they are doing and sellingJoey Weiser and co:
This weekend, Sept. 11-12, is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland! I’ll be there, at tables H1-2, as illustrated by tablemate David Yoder. We’re right by the entrance, next to Tugboat Press, across from Top Shelf — You’ll find us! I’ll be sharing the table with David, as well as Drew Weing, Michele Chidester, Adam Aylard, Kevin Burkhalter, and the minis of David Mack (who unfortunately can’t make it this year)! Drew will be promoting his new book, Set to Sea, and Michele will have THREE (3) copies of a new, hardbound mini-comic, Reassurance. You definitely want to check those out. Not sure exactly what everyone else will have, but it’s all gonna be great! Our table is not to be missed!

How about me? Well, I will have plenty of copies of my new graphic novel, Cavemen in Space. If you’ve been waiting to pick this up, now is the time! I’ll be there to sign and doodle one of the many cast members in your copy. Debuting at SPX, is Mermin issue 3! I’ll have the first two issues there as well, so you can get caught up if you aren’t on board yet. I’ll also have The Ride Home and Tales of Unusual Circumstance, and I think I’m going to bring what’s left of my Kaiju Life postcard set, but I may not put those out depending on how much space we’ve got at our table. If you’re curious about any of these items (or can’t make it to the show) you can check them out at my online store. Mermin 3 will be available for purchase online sometime after SPX.

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Pais the cat

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Julia Wertz

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Robyn Chapman

Editor and publisher Robyn Chapman is pleased to announce the debut of the much-anticipated anthology Make: Comics About an Intimate Act.  The intimate act in question? Pooping.  Everyone does it, and yet the topic is not welcome in polite conversation.  Make endeavors to break this taboo, and offers 80 pages of stories that are human, sincere and entertaining.
Chapman handpicked 8 talented cartoonists to tackle this subject:
Nate Beaty
Robyn Chapman
Joseph Lambert
Jason Martin
Melissa Mendes
José-Luis Olivares
Maris Wicks
Adriana Yugovich
Make will debut at the 2010 Small Press Expo on September 11 and 12.  Look for it at The Center for Cartoon Studies table (table F16).

yeslets SPX stuff: What they are doing and selling

Tugboat Press:

Yes, Let’s is our first picture books for kids and our first 100% full color publication. It’s written (in rhymes!) by our longtime friend and sometimes co-editor Galen Longstreth and illustrated by the amazing Maris Wicks. This is the first book of this kind for either creator, so get in on the ground floor with this one. It’ll charm your socks off!

Invincible Summer #19 / Clutch #22 is the ninth annual split zine from these two mainstays of American zinedom. If you don’t know Nicole and Clutch’s zines, this split is a great gateway drug. Told in diary style comics, these two old pals live (somewhat) overlapping lives of zines, friends and good times.

Papercutter #14 has been a longtime coming! Nate Beaty, who has drawn the endpages for every single issue of Papercutter, finally steps forward to illustrated a big 21 page story and the front cover. And it’s a good one! Written by old friend Dave Roche of On Subbing fame, their story follows Dave on a train trip through the darker parts of middle America. There is also a one pager from Jim Rugg featuring the character Bald Eagle from Jim’s legendary series Street Angel. And Farel Dalrymple provides the third story. He’s always been a hero of ours, so it was a real honor having him contribute to this issue.

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Fanfare/Ponent Mon
This is surely only the tip of the iceberg…We’ll discover the rest of the goodies ourselves.


  1. I’ll be helping out at the Microcosm Table (E9) promoting Henry & Glenn Forever- We’ll have both 1st and 2nd editions as well as “The Final Blow” posters.

    I’ll also have Bound & Gagged the brand new anthology of alternative gag cartoons that I just published:

    And my other books: The Blot, Brilliantly Ham-fisted, Your Disease Spread Quick, War Paint, Neely… Creeps!, etc…

  2. Wait, so the new ACME Novelty will be there?

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