Stan Sakai on how the pros survive San Diego

At his 29th San Diego, Stan shows how the pros do it:

It took just a few minutes to walk to the Convention Center, and we set up our booth. We lunched at The Tin Fish across the street. It was not very crowded, but that will change by tomorrow. We walked over to Ralph’s to get some sushi take-out for dinner. Ralph’s has a wonderful sushi chef that we have gotten to know over the years. She had something new this year–spicy shrimp inari. Jeff Smith and Vijaya were at the deli section buying lunch. We stashed the sushi on ice in our room, and waited for Preview Night.


  1. I’ve had that Sushi. It’s not only good, but a life saver. God, I’ve got to write my comic con wrap up. One bad thing is I forgot to take photos.

  2. Just when I thought I had the “San Diego Thing” down. Who knew the Sushi guy at Ralphs was such a hero!? I must remember that next year…

  3. Folks need to heed Stan’s words. He’s one of the nicest guys in comics.



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