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Stephen King 195x300 Stephen Kings WebcomicYou may recall Stephen King likes to write a comic every now and again.  Well, he’s at it again.  Or rather one of his works is being adapted on his website.  “Little Green God of Agony” is being updated M-W-F (a traditional webcomics schedule, as it were).

Little Green God of Agony is an adaption of a short story King wrote for the A Book of Horrors anthology.  It’s being adapted by Dennis Calero, who recently drew The Shadow Annual #1 for Dynamite.  The adaption is scheduled to last 8 weeks.


  1. Laurie S. Sutton says:

    I just finished proofreading a Calero-drawn Edgar Allan Poe graphic novel (“The Tell-Tale Heart”) for Stone Arch Books (due out in 2013). Beautiful, moody work!

  2. Laurie S. Sutton says:

    If by “beautiful, moody work,” you mean “great re-tracing of photos and pictures snagged and pieced together from the internet, other comic books, and dvds…”

    Actually, no, I did not mean that. Plus, I was referring to the Stone Arch graphic novel, not the King webcomic.


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