Swing Dancing Spidey

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If this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will.


  1. Wow. Thanks! Starting the day right!

    And now checking out the other dancing Spidey videos. (Flash dancing?)

    (The soundtrack is Michael Bublé.)

  2. I enjoyed that more than all of Spider-man 3.

  3. I enjoyed it, right up until he took his mask off. ;)

  4. Robert Faires says:

    Julie Taymor, I hope you’re taking notes.

  5. I’ve a warm holiday glow about me after viewing that…

  6. I’m sure we’ll be seeing that performed in the Magic Kingdom on the steps of Cinderella’s Castle.

  7. michael says:

    I tried not to like this, but it was adorable!!! :D

    And lol @Adam, yes, it was! ;D IN fact, I’d take swing-spidey over EMO-spidey any day!

  8. Marvel needs to send that guy one of their official costumes and THEN have him show up on Dancing With The Stars.

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