New York Comic Con more about comics than you thought


With some perspective from really only following the show via the internet, this year’s New York Comic Con seems to have been another huge, hectic success. While crowding seems to have been an issue yet again, despite show promotion that featured media guests over comics, comics publishing announcements dominated the news cycle. In fact, NYCC […]

NYCC 2012 in Tweets and Instagram


Although we had to leave NYCC early because of some personal issues, it wasn’t too hard to follow along with from home! Here’s a brief recap via Twitter and Instagram of the last five days; it was the kind of show where Juanjo Guarnido, award winning artist of the Blacksad franchise, shows up and people take a while to catch on. Despite all the complaints over the emphasis on showbiz stuff, this year’s comics news dominated the show…and twitter.

NYCC 12 Day 1: from Catalyst to Dubstep


This day started at 7 am, for a 7:45 arrival at the Javits Center. Was I insane? No, just dedicated. Diamond Books had arranged a meeting with publishers to discuss trade journal review procedures. Myself, and Henrietta Thornton and Martha Cornog from Library Journal were on hand to school representatives of Archaia, Image, Dark Horse […]

First Look: New York Comic Con 2012 Pre-Show and the breastfeeding-mobile


Beat Pal Paul Nomad has been roaming around the still-forming NYCC show floor, and took a lot of pictures. There’s a Saga car. Who wouldn’t want a car with a winged woman breastfeeding on the hood?

SDCC 12: Comic-Con is spreading like the zombie apocalypse


It’s a sign of the length of the Comic-Con Recovery Process that even though I thought I could wrap this all up on Tuesday, it’s taken me another four days and many many packets of Vietnamese Instant Coffee (Cà Phê Hòa Tan) to have the energy to write my thoughts. If you don’t want to read them you can listen to much the same thing in the PW Comics World More to Come podcast. While I’m pretty sure everyone has purged the week of July 11-15th from their mind entirely —and I just about have forgotten it all myself—for the sake of completeness, here’s what I thought and observed and smelled and saw and heard:

SDCC 12: The Girl with the Donut Tattoo gives food recommendations



SDCC 12: The great breakfast burrito quest….SOLVED


Well so much for our J.D. Salinger moment.This being the internet and all, not 30 minutes after I’d posted my mystery of the great 2011 Comic-Con Food Truck Burrito, someone on twitter had identified the truck and posted a picture of a half eaten lunch.

SDCC 12: Oops! Mini NerdHQ Comic-Con runs into mini Comic-Con server melt


Only this morning we were congratulating actor/entrepreneur Zachary Levi for setting up Nerd HQ, a Comic-Con offsite that’s essentially a mini comic-con in itself with panels and signings with major nerdlebrities — with proceeds to go to charity.

Well, it turns out that running even a mini-comi-con gives you major comic-con sized problems: when tickets for the event went on sales this morning, it resulted in complete server meltdown. Here’s a bit of the increasingly desperate tweet trail:

MoCCA debuts and notable books


Better late than never! Please at least scroll through this (very incomplete) listing of new books out at MoCCA and just look at the pictures if nothing els.e There are some pretty amazing books coming out that haven’t gotten that much press, so I think it’s wroth your while.

MoCCA Publishers: Who's Where


Just a brief guide to some publishers and creators and stuff to look out for!

The Beat at WonderCon


Hey there, The Beat will officially be appearing on Saturday at WonderCon on this panel: