Vertigo Announce Two New ‘Fables’ Books, and an Unwritten Graphic Novel


Should that have been a semicolon instead of a comma in the title? Oh boy, the things I worry about when writing up Mike Carey news. Today! Vertigo have announced a bathful of new books, with an encyclopedia and anthology for Bill Willingham’s Fables coming later this year, followed by a full original graphic novel from the creative […]

Bill Willingham hints at 'FablesCon'


The creator of Fables and Fairest has started hinting that next March will see a new convention appear on the horizon, focusing on the characters and world of his fan-favourite series.

30 comics that never were or may never be


Over the holiday Chris Arrant had a fantastic two part survey of what-ever-happened-to comics, including no-shows like such as All-Star Batgirl and All-Star Wonder Woman, and done-but-long-shelved books like Batman Europa and Daniel Way and Darick Robertson’s Deathlok: Detour, it-sounded-ike-a-good-idea-when-we-were-talking-about-it-in-the-bar projects like Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips’ vampire pirates book Black Sails (above) and something best not thought about too much called “Frank Miller’s Jesus.”

First Look: Adam Hughes’ cover to BATGIRL #2


Looks like some of the New 52 Issue Twos are rolling out. Artist Adam Hughes tweeted: