C2E2014: Where Everything Is

mccormick south

TweetC2E2′s on once again, and this year, it’s being held in the South Hall.  (Oh, how I await the day when it takes up the entire complex!  2.6 MILLION sq.ft. of exhibit space!  60 acres! 45 football fields!  Can you imagine the programming going on all over the building?  The theater?  The ballrooms?) *ahem*  Sorry… […]

2013 CAKE Programming: Shiga, Renier and more on graphic narrative


Tweet Alongside TCAF and SPX, CAKE has aptly been described as one of the best indie comic events around today. This year’s expo swept by just this past weekend and was inarguable amassed with an outpouring of talented artists and creators, brilliant comics, and all around good vibes. The programming this year round was notably […]

C2E2011: McCormick Place


Here’s the guide for the West Building. The floorplan menu is located at the upper right of the screen, and allows access to floorplans for each level of the building. West Level 3 is where most of the action will be found! According to C2E2′s own website, the Con will be held in Hall F1. I suspect that the IGN Theater will be placed in the Skyline Ballroom.

C2E2011: Transportation


Tweet. The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2, is set to begin next weekend!  If you’ll be attending, here are some helpful hints on how to make your way to the West Building of McCormick Place! Just so there is no confusion (at least from this website)… C2E2 has changed locations at […]