Scott Lobdell: I apologize to MariNaomi


Tweet When I first read MariNaomi’s story of the guy who was sexually harassing on that panel, I thought he was an asshole and should be outed. And then I thought, gee I wonder if it is someone I know? And it was. The panel in question was the Prism Comics panel at the Long […]

TCAF announces first six guests and expanding programming for 2014


Tweet While 2013′s plum pudding is yet to be fully digested, the menu for 2014′s comics events highlights is being set. And here to light the first burners is TCAF with it’s first guest announcements and news of greatly expanded programming. Among the guests for 2014: Lynn Johnston, Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki, manga-ka Est Em, […]

Portland’s Stumptown Comics Festival on hold as some operations move to Rose CIty Comic-Con


Tweet The Stumptown Comics Festival , Portland’s long running indie comics show, is ending in its present form, but the Awards and its indie-focused programming will become part of the Rose City Comic-Con, which is held in September. According to Stumptown board of directors Chair Shawna Gore, the two shows are NOT merging; it is, […]

Must read: Convention Exhibitor Mega Survey shows what comics shows were most profitable for exhibitors


WOW. This is truly groundbreaking information. Mirthful culture Magazine The Devastator recently ran a poll asking exhibitors at various comics shows—from San Diego to SPX—how much money they made, where they exhibited and many other things. The results have been put into a fascinating infographic which we’ve only excerpted below. Go to the link to see ALL the info, including which shows made the most money, which are in decline and so on.

WonderCon may still find its heart in San Francisco someday


Tweet I had a brief chat with San Diego Comic-Con’s David Glanzer about WonderCon staying in Anaheim for another year for for PW, and talks are ongoing about heading back north: While the construction is over, the Moscone is one of the country’s busiest convention centers and still couldn’t commit to dates that offered enough […]

Photos: 1980’s cosplay was just as sexy, but they seemingly didn’t know how to sew


This gallery of photos from a 1980’s SF Convention has been floating around for a while, but it just crossed my timestream. While all convention photos from every era share a few things—gaudy hotel carpet backgrounds, at least one ill at ease looking guy with a pencil mustache, women with flaming red hair—this one does prove a few things. Although they didn’t call it “cosplay” back then —I believe the term was costuming—obviously people liked dressing just as scantily.

Long Beach Comic & Horror Con kicks off today


Tweet While for some thoughts are turning to Thought Bubble in Leeds or the Miami Book Fair, ou on the west coast, it’s the fifht anniversary edition of the Long Beach Horror & Comic Con. It’s set in the scenic environs of the Long Beach Convention Center, which is one of my favorite con spots […]

Where I’ll Be: Miami


You’d think with New York Comic-Con over, I’d be settling down to the Halloween festivities and on to the holidays…but noooooo. Through a series of odd circumstances, I’ll actually be at three shows in five weeks!

It’s official: WonderCon is back in Anaheim for 2014


Tweet After two successful years in Anaheim, WonderCon is staying there for the third year in a row, as revealed on the show’s official page. The 2014 show will be held April 18, 19, and 20, which is Easter. The show drew over 56,000 attendees last time, and seems to be growing. It isn’t quite […]

On the scene: The Sixth Annual Tucson Comic-Con

Photo by Henry Barajas

TweetI’m so glad Tuscon Comic-Con was success. Maybe I’m biased and I’m proud of the Old Pueblo (Google it). The sixth annual comic con just passed this 2013 calendar year and was better than ever all thanks to the fans.

So how was LA’s Comikaze?


Tweet Even as comic-con fever sweeps the nation, a few areas remain problematic, and of them all the most problematic has traditionally been Los Angeles, where a relatively inaccessible downtown convention center and the generally spread out nature of Angeleno life has necessitated many trucks of fuel in order to get a full head of […]

London Super Comic-Con Announce Second Wave of Guests


TweetLondon Super Comic-Con, which started big with Stan Lee in 2012 and managed to keep the energy up (and improve as an event) this year, has a policy of announcing their guests in waves. At the start of every month they announce ten more creators who’ll be attending, before spending the rest of the month […]

Photo Gallery: Mermaids, Lions and Snowtroopers at the Detroit Fanfare


Detroit FanFare, which was held this past weekend, was the first show this year that I spent mostly behind a table, being a dutiful guest of the show. It was a welcome change from the usual running around and helping Ben McCool work his table meant I got to see comic-con culture from a new viewpoint. And I learned some things.

The Lakes Comic Festival Gets Everything Right


TweetLast weekend I headed south for Kendal, a bustling town in the beautiful Lake District of England for a comics festival with a difference. The Lakes International Comic Art Festival fully embraced a European (Angoulême) approach to the medium, with the whole town celebrating the weekend of events, and perhaps consequently drawing a much more […]

The rest of the weekend in comics conventions: Cola-Con, Alamo City Comic Con, Dhaka Comicon


Even if you’re not at the Detroit Fanfare there is plenty to do around the world in comics this weekend!

San Diego 2014 press reg is open! Join Team Beat!


Tweet It is never too soon to fret about San Diego Comic-Con! We’ve already had badge PRE-REGISTRATION, Film Festival registration, professional registration, and now press registration has opened. There are quite a few changes this year—documentary film crews will not get press badges, but will be approved to buy badges. I guess there were a […]