Marvel reveal ‘Superior Spider-Man’ with Slott, Stegman, Ramos, Camuncoli, and Dark/Edginess


Ahead of NYCC 2012, Marvel have now revealed the meaning for their final one-word teaser from a few weeks ago: “Superior” stands for Superior Spider-Man, a new series relaunching from the ashes of Dan Slott’s ominous Amazing Spider-Man #700. The book will see a darker and edgier tone to the world of Spider-Man, as artists […]

SDCC 2012: Wait you guys! There's still a Spider-Man panel!


Marvel confirm Minimum Carnage, reveal the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #700, and celebrate KellySue DeConnick at SDCC

Spider-Man's new… Spide-Kick


Marvel have revealed that issue #692 of Amazing Spider-Man will bring ‘Alpha’ to the World. But what is Alpha?

Angry People of the world: Three examples


The internet sure makes people [angry, misguided people]. But there are [angry, misguided people] in the real world too, and three recent stories reveal that [angry misguided people] in all mediums are still with us.