Frankenstorm Reading: Weathering the Evacuation Blues


On Sunday, I went out and got groceries from the already Walking Dead-like store with its empty shelves and zombie walkers and then I stashed everything that could be blown around outside my house, causing damage. Then I settled in for some 30 Rock on demand and snatched some Halloween candy from the pile, getting […]

NYCC: A Final Marvel & DC Cover Parade


The last day of New York Comic-Con was a day of relative peace and tranquillity, unless you were Dan Slott in which case it was a day of  being chased by an angry mob whilst cackling like Machiavelli. It’s the day when people settle down, explore the booths which haven’t sold out, get their final sketches and […]

Daredevil and Beaton rule at the 2012 Harvey Awards


The 2012 Harvey Awards were given out on Saturday night at the Baltimore Comic-Con. The big winner was the superhero favorite DAREDEVIL with wins for Best Series, Best New Series, Best Inker and Best Writer. Kate Beaton won three, with Best Online Comics Work, the Special Award for Humor, and Best Cartoonist. Jim Henson’s TALE OF SAND by Ramon Perez, also won two, Best Original Graphic Album and Best Story.

Marvel and Fox Playing Swapsies for Daredevil Film Rights?


In an interesting move, it looks like Marvel might extend 20th Century’s ‘Daredevil’ contract… on the condition that Fox return certain Fantastic Four characters back to them.

One Fan's Ecstasy: Fantastic Four Annual #33!


As sometimes happens, I walk into a comics shop and discover something I didn’t know I needed! Here’s an example…

Nice art: Mike Allred draws Daredevil #17


DAREDEVIL continues to be the superhero book that proves that “nice art” can be better than “house style” as Mike Allred takes over for an issue. Mark Waid continues to write.