Batman: The nail art


As you may have heard, nail art is all the rage these days, and its getting more and more ornate. And some ladies are going for comics inspired pieces, such as this, by Brooklyn’s
Fleury Rose, who created this design for someone going to the Dark Knight Rises premiere in New York, who got to show them off to director Christopher Nolan, even. Who wouldn’t want to sport these dark knails?

T-shirt alert: The White Walkers


Looking for a way to declare your allegiance to both The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones…this T-shirt from FSC TEES may be just what you wanted. Only $15 + FREE SHIPPING and after July 29th no more orders will be accepted.

SDCC 12: The Masquerade winners


Although eclipsed by the showbiz extravaganza’s in the popular mind, the Masquerade may just be the most spectacular live event at Comic-COn with amazing costumes that people slave over all year. The winners of Saturday’s main event are now up, and here’s the grand prize winners, Project Runway All Star Wars

Archie gets M.A.C. cosmetics line


Comic book cosmetics are definitely on the rise. The M.A.C. line of Wonder Woman makeup a few years back was a sellout, and Sephora’s Hello Kitty is still going strong; of course, there was also Spider-Man nail polish and so on.

M.A.C. is following up with a line inspired by Archie Comics. While the PR hasn’t revealed any shades we’d expect the Archie’s Girls line to include bold reds and greens. And to launch the line, Archie’s Dan Parent will be at the San Diego M.A.C. store on Fifth, signing and drawing.

Suit Up with New Superhero Range of Custom Menswear from Indochino


It’s time for comic-book fans to clean up their act and start dressing more appropriately, don’t you think? Indochino have today kicked off what will hopefully be a new wave of classy fashions for superhero fans, so we can finally throw away our old ‘Tony Stark Was Right’ shirts.

What's behind the new movie Superman's giant…personality?


We were all pretty excited when the first set photos of Henry Cavill as Superman leaked out. It seemed that after years of binding and CGI smoothing, Superman was finally getting super where it counted.

Bad character designs of the '90s


Via Popcrunch.

There are several artists on here who show in spades that design is not their strong suit. Or their biker suit.

Shoe alert! Design your own DC-themed All-Stars with Converse


Yes, it is PRODUCT DAY here on The Beat! And this one is pretty darned cool.

Converse has long had a design-your-own Chuck Taylor’s program on their website. And they’ve just added a
DC Comics themed range to the site. The designs feature the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman, and, of course, Batman himself.

Kirby-inspired fashions hit the runway in Australia


For Australian Fashion Week, Romance Was Born designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales went all Jack Kirby with an “exuberant” mix of stripes and patterns.

More DC apparel: Wonder Woman and Supergirl bikinis


Earlier today, we spotlighted the new Wonder Woman Chuck Taylors. But with spring in the air, the ornamental crabapple blooming, and weather warming everywhere, maybe it is time to think of lounging by the pool. And if you favor a star-spangled posterior, Spencer Gifts has just the stuff for you: Wonder Woman and Supergirl bikinis.

First Look: Converse All-Star WONDER WOMAN and KILLER CROC Chuck Taylors


Looking for some stylish, superhero-themed footwear to announce your allegiance to Nerd World? Look no further than the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics Wonder Woman and Killer Croc shoes. They go on sale next month exclusively at Journeys—and as usual, they are limited editions, so don’t wait too long to decide which one to get.

Simpsons fashion hits the runway


You don’t get to 500 episodes without some…comfy lounge wear.

Discarded Wonder Woman costume shows up on Erica Durance


Waste not, want not: although the Wonder Woman costume designed for Adrienne Palicki didn’t help the show fly as a pilot, producer David Kelley must have realized that a newly designed Wonder Woman costume is the kind of thing you keep in the closet for a rainy day. on Harry’s Law, another show he produces, Erica Durance showed up wearing the costume — playing a woman who THINKS she’s Wonder Woman. So it’s both Kelley making an in-joke…and being thrifty and green by recycling! Well played.

Heisman winner Griffin sends Superman Socks up up and away


Only a few innocent weeks ago, we were kidding around about these Superman socks with calf capes, suggesting they were a suitable gift for a male geek, even though they only come in girls sizes.

And then Robert Griffin III, this year’s Heisman Award winner, picked up his award while wearing these very socks. (The Heisman Triophy is presented each year to the #1 college football player and it is quite an honor.)

Maybe the self-professed comics nut Griffin is a Beat reader? At the very least he has shattered the nerd/jock divide to atoms:

Gift Guide: Superman socks with mini calf capes


Although Edna Mode famously cried “No capes!” people can’t seem to get enough of them these days, with capelets and mini capes among the outerwear options for fall and beyond. But if you need capes on all your extremities, these Superman socks with attached capes will get you flying down the street. According to the seller, they are for schoolgirls, but they go up to Women’s size 9, so a variety of ages and sizes can get in on the fetish fun.

Usually, however, it is males who get socks for Christmas since there is little giftable that can be purchased for them. Maybe these are a comedy option for the BIg Bang Theory types in your household?

When Victoria's Secret did Superheroes


Cosplayers rejoice! The theme at this year’s Victoria Secret fashion show was superheroes!