Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman to Launch Cyclops Solo Series FEATURING HEPZIBAH


Marvel have announced, via the beaming presence of an interview feature with Albert Ching, that Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman will be the creative team for an ongoing Cyclops solo series. The book will start in May.

Breaking News: Hepzibah Update II


Breaking news! Hepzibah returns for another appearance in Avengers Vs X-Men!

Suit Up with New Superhero Range of Custom Menswear from Indochino


It’s time for comic-book fans to clean up their act and start dressing more appropriately, don’t you think? Indochino have today kicked off what will hopefully be a new wave of classy fashions for superhero fans, so we can finally throw away our old ‘Tony Stark Was Right’ shirts.

DC Announce Four New Titles; Confirm Zero Issues in September


Four titles will end, and four will begin! What will they be? And what’s a Zero Issue, anyway

Con Report: The Complete Kapow Compendium


Lokis, Storm Dogs, Hepzibahs, Mark Millar, Publishers and Fans. Kapow Comic Convention 2012: what did we learn?