Heroes Con 2014 Was So Nice That Two Couples Got Engaged

Photo taken by Kelly Sue DeConnick

by Alexander Añe I’ve been going to conventions for years, and the only thing that’s been the same is that one person who says, “But you really have to go to Heroes Con.” There’s always someone praising Heroes Con, and now, I am one of them.

Live from HeroesCon plus cosplay photos


HeroesCon Day Two wound up a little while ago. The shot above is from opening yesterday around noon. The crowds have increased quite a bit since then. 

As usual it’s a laid back show. Most of the talk from fans and pros alike is how much they enjoy the show. Not very much newsworthy although […]

HeroesCon has kicked off — here’s where you’ll find The Beat


HeroesCon is well underway! Held at the Charlotte Convention Center, it runs until Sunday. Guests span the gamut from mainstream superstars—Fraction and DeConnick—to the book world—Jeff Smith—to alt.comix icons—The Hernandez Bros. So there is something for everyone here. It’s part of what makes this one of th eocmic book parties of the year. Among the […]

HeroesCon unveils harassment policy


This weekend is HeroesCon in Charlotte, everyone’s favorite stop on the convention circuit, and in advance of the show, a statement on harassment has been unveiled. Apparently there wasn’t one before, but this is the kind of strong public statement that people in charge need to make to effect a change in how we view […]

To do: HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC


HeroesCon is kicking off today in Charlotte, and those of you already on the scene are already having a good time, for sure. This year, as with everything “comic con” HeroesCon has gotten bigger and stronger: the show floor has DOUBLED in size from 100,000 to 200,000 square feet. The local newspaper has a general preview with a few more facts and figures:

Winter and Kelly Sue assemble Ninja Princesses (and Ninja Kitties)


By Steve Morris Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, and Pretty Deadly not enough for her, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has taken on a new project, at the request of a young writer she met, called Winter. As described way better on DeConnick’s blog (which you should read before continuing with this piece), Winter first approached the […]

HeroesCon proves thirty is fabulous


Whoosh! HeroesCon just raced on by! We arrived late on Thursday, hit BarCon and the rest was just WHOOSH! So much fun, we barely had time to type about it at all. That isn’t to say there weren’t some snafus—all on our own part—but they came and went so quickly.

Some quick HeroesCon links


Just a few links while we’re on the road.

HeroesCon Frolic — Fri-Sat


From drink ‘n’ draw to the White Party.

HeroesCon is going on


Sorry for the silence, but we’ve been busy here on the road in Charlotte where everything has been just as cordial and relaxing as expected. And believe me, we’re gathering lots of intelligence on the ground about many things. Oh yes.

HeroesCon: Stuff People are Doing and Groovy Art They are Selling


Things to do. People to see. Cool art by Scott Morse and Tom Fowler. In case you haven’t figured it out yet…ALL the cool people are going to HeroesCon, and it’s gonna be a good time.

You know the drill.