Review: Muse: The reason for boobs


Muse by Denis-Pierre Filippi, Terry Dodson, Rebecca Rendon Humanoids Here’s the thing: I enjoyed Muse. It’s daft and silly, and while it’s not going to win any writing awards anytime soon, it’s diverting and engaging enough to retain interest, thanks largely to some glorious art, lovingly rendered steampunk elements and button-pushing literary allusions. Hired as a […]

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Part Two: D+Q, Small Press, Christianity


. Here’s the second part of February’s preview.  There’s some unusual titles here (including a publisher of religious graphic novels), some which don’t seem to exist beyond a listing on Books In Print. As usual, my boilerplate: So, here’s what caught my eye.  Please comment below, and please feel free to mention titles I may […]

Coming Attractions: Fall 2011: Continental Comics


Comics from Europe! The latest offerings from Cinebook and Humanoids! Darwin! Mœbius! Milo Manara’s Golden Ass! Zombies! John the Baptist!

Coming Attractions: November 2010


By Torsten Adair The following is a selection of new comics titles due to be published in November 2010. This list is not comprehensive, as there are over 350 books scheduled. Instead, I have selected titles which caught my interest.  If you would like to browse forthcoming graphic novels and related books at your leisure, […]

Humanoids return finds a rocky road


CBR’s Alex Dueben talks to Humanoids E-i-C Bob Silva about the French publisher’s return to the US market after deals with DC and Devil’s Due, but Silva says the retail market has not been kind to their offerings: