IMAGE EXPO: Niko Henrichon and Darren Aronofsky on ‘Noah’


TweetNeither Niko Henrichon nor Darren Aronofsky were present at the Image Expo, but a quick sharp announcement right at the end of the keynote speech was that both will be involved in a graphic novel called Noah in 2014.

IMAGE EXPO: Rick Remender (him again) and Wes Craig on Deadly Class


TweetAlso announced at Image Expo was a second series from Rick Remender, this time partnering with artist Wes Craig. Deadly Class will tell the story of a high school for assassins – hey, isn’t that the premise of Five Weapons? – and will be coloured by Lee Loughbridge.

IMAGE EXPO: Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera on Black Science


TweetRick Remender showed up as a surprise guest at Image Expo, announcing two new titles to the crowd. The first is Black Science, a sequel to Fear Agent which will be drawn by Matteo Scalera.

IMAGE EXPO: Fraction and Ward on ‘Ody-C’


TweetMore new comics coming from Image Expo! Now they’ve announced Ody-C, a gender-reversed take on The Odyssey written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Christian Ward. Also, it will take place in space.

IMAGE EXPO: Brubaker and Epting launch ‘Velvet’


TweetImage are unveiling a whole load of new comics at their Expo today. Next up comes Velvet, a spy series from Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.

Image Expo: Jason Aaron and Jason Latour on SOUTHERN BASTARDS


TweetJason Aaron & Jason Latour announce "southern bastards" at #ImageExpo "dukes of hazzard by the Coen Bros." — Deb Aoki (@debaoki) July 2, 2013 The elevator pitch is Dukes of Hazzard x Coen Brothers or The Untouchables vs Boss Hogg #dukeboyz #ImageExpo — Image Comics (@ImageComics) July 2, 2013 A new series by the […]

Image Expo: Straczynski and Sienkiewicz announce ALONE


Tweet Image Expo is unrolling right now and news is coming out on the Image Comics twitter feed. Straczynski and Bill Sienkiewicz are debuting Alone, a six-issue series that's going to deconstruct comic book storytelling. #ImageExpo — Image Comics (@ImageComics) July 2, 2013 It will be the hardest to spell EVER comics series. Straczynski and […]

David Brothers joins Image Comics


Tweet @gwarrenl editing, production work, a mixed bag of cool things, I think! And I have an office! — david brothers (@hermanos) June 4, 2013 According to a wide variety of tweets, David Brothers has joined the staff of Image comics as something akin to a guy friday, as the above tweet indicates In addition […]

FAQ explains why Image Expo 2013 is on a TUESDAY


When the Image Expo 2013 was announced there were, understandably, questions about why it was on a Tuesday instead of a more accessible weekend date. Well, tickets are on sale (as of this morning) and aFAQ now answers this and many other questions: As explained, this is really a press and retailer event but open to the public for $20. And there will be panels and signings and stuff but no vendors.

5 Recent Graphic Novels You Don’t Want to Miss


Tweet These graphic novels have been chosen because they were all released in the past 6 months and equally combine qualities of well-crafted concepts and remarkable artwork to create solid visual narratives. They aren’t the only great graphic novels that have been released in recent months, but they are notable, and worth considering as near-misses […]

Nice Art: Ken Haeser covers Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash


TweetWhen you have a team-up of serial killer stalker Cassie Hack and demon fighter Ash Williams only one art style suggests itself: cutecore! Thus it is with Ken Haeser’s covers for the first two issues of the Dynamite/Image team-up, especially th eone that channels an iconic moment of Peanuts. #1 – After the events of […]

Image’s Eric Stephenson’s address to retailers: the same old thing is “is not the way forward.”


Tweetby Eric Stephenson [Image publisher Eric Stephenson spoke at the luncheon session of the 2013 Diamond Retail Summit, Image kindly provided the text of the speech.] Just a word of warning: This is going to seem like I’m all over the place at first, but trust me, it will all make sense in the end. […]

Image Comics holding Image Comic Expo on July 2 in SF


For the last few days Image has been releasing ambiguous teasers of this kind. Here at his lunch presentation at the 2013 Diamond Retailer summit, Image publisher Eric Stephenson revealed that it refers to a big media event to be held on that date in San Francisco. Robert Kirkman and Ed Brubaker will be there along with many “special guests.” Admission will be charged but the event is free for retailers or press.

Advance Review: Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – A Brave New World


TweetAn intriguing beginning, containing a single panel that is worth the cover price alone.

INTERVIEW: Jimmie Robinson Hits Out with Five Weapons!


TweetJimmie Robinson can do basically anything. Writer, artist, designer and letterer, his most recent work Five Weapons has been receiving great acclaim from fans and critics alike. Set in a school for young would-be-assassins, the series sees the weaponless Tyler Shainline come to school and find himself immediately ducking and diving from the attentions of […]

It Girl & The Atomics to end with Issue #12


Tweet With the Image soliciations for June 2013 came the news that It Girl & The Atomics, the series spinning out of Mike Allred’s Mad Man, will be ending with issue #12. Writer Jamie S. Rich confirmed the news on his blog, noting that the final issue will see all the previous artists return for […]