James Robinson and Leonard Kirk Relaunch Fantastic Four


TweetWith Matt Fraction leaving the Fantastic Four titles to focus on Inhumanity, the series will have a shift-around in 2014. FF will be cancelled, and the characters scattered into various other titles. Fantastic Four itself, however, will relaunch in February from the creative team of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk.

Image in December: Black Kiss Christmas Special, Uh-Oh


TweetAfter taking a look over the solicitations for Marvel and DC in December, it’s time to take a look at Image’s new comics. There’s a whole new load of first issues, along with some specials and – uh-oh – a Black Kiss 2 Christmas Special. Ho-ho-ho?

Marvel’s Second Wave is ‘All-New Marvel Now’, Starting with All-New Invaders


TweetIn an interview with delightful hero Brian Truitt of USA Today, Marvel have unveiled the branding for their next wave of comics. Called All-New Marvel Now, the two launch books will be All-New Invaders by James Robinson and Steve Pugh; as well as Matt Fraction and Joe Madiurera’s Inhumans.

Spider-Man Has a Sister! Marvel announce graphic novel by Waid, Robinson, and Dell’Otto


TweetBrian Truitt, knower of all that is right and true in this world, has an interview on USA Today with writer Mark Waid, announcing a new Spider-Man graphic novel called Spider-Man: Family Business. The book, set before Superior Spider-Man, will see Peter Parker learning more about his secret agent parents – as well as find […]

James Robinson bids farewell to DC


TweetWriter James Robinson announced his departure from Earth 2 with issue #16 on Twitter— and added that it meant he would no longer be working at DC.

SDCC 2012 Image Announce Even More Comics Than You Could Ever Believe


Image have announced at least seven more titles today, from creators like Emma Rios, Chris Roberson, Joe Casey, Darick Roberson, Greg Rucka, KellySue DeConnick, James Robinson and Matt Fraction.

DC confirms that Alan Scott is their "outed" gay character


DC have made it official that the much-discussed ‘iconic’ superhero who will be homosexual in their new 52 Universe… is original Green Lantern Alan Scott.